Marriage In Boomtime India

Marriage in high society today is a bit like a 24/7 convenience store. The basics are always available, but the soul is often out of stock. We have gone through a social crisis in the last decade or so. Delhi, as a case in point, has seen the biggest tectonic shift. From being a city of politics and power it has become a city of new money. Too much of it.
Jessica Lia via Getty Images

‘Why Buy A Cow When Milk Is So Cheap?'

Day after day during our pubescent years, and mostly over jam and bread after a long school day, my girlfriends and I would be tutored about the importance of the hymen. And not just that it should remain intact until your wedding night, it should also be gift-wrapped and handed to your husband. Our ayah would regale us with stories about how new brides had to ensure they bled, not just faked the pain. It made marriage seem like a death sentence.