India Independence Day

Reeta Gupta

Where Are Your Stories, Brand Indian Armed Forces?

Brands like the British Army's Special Air Services (SAS), the US Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams (SEALs) and Israeli Shayetet13 have been built on stories. They are "dangerous". Their training is rigorous, with high dropout rates. It is all part of their folklore. The Indian military has not even taken baby steps to build its brand.

Letter to the PM: This Independence Day Let's Pledge To Free India From Childhood Disease

At the outset, let me start by acknowledging your leadership on health issues. In the past year alone, India has committed to the India Newborn Action Plan (INAP), launched the Integrated Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia and Diarrhoea (IAPPD), completed the first phase of the immunisation campaign Mission Indradhanush and announced the introduction of four new life-saving vaccines as part of the Universal Immunisation Programme ... India's quest for regional and global leadership in health has certainly begun. But we need more momentum.

A Message For Youth India

I like this new India. This Youth India. That fights for its rights. That doesn't let the ghosts of past traditions dictate its worldview. This Independence Day I wanted to give this Youth India some credit for growing all by itself. And if there is any wisdom to impart to it at my ripe old age of barely 31, then kids, listen up, this is for you.

Pakistan Without Partition: Let's Revive The Buried Idea Of Indo-Pak Confederation

The idea of an India-Pakistan Confederation (which in today's context should also include Bangladesh) may seem far-fetched. However, as the two South Asian neighbours celebrate the 68th anniversary of their independence from British rule -- a joyous occasion that was accompanied by the horrific Partition-induced communal bloodbath -- it is useful to remember that some sort of India-Pakistan federation or confederation was a distinct possibility when the British left our subcontinent. Sadly, Congress and Muslim League leaders buried the opportunity due to their series of blunders and misjudgements.