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RBI On Wait And Watch Mode, But Rate Cut Likely In August

In the Reserve Bank of India's second bimonthly policy review, RBI governor Raghuram Rajan decided to adopt a cautious stance and maintain the status quo despite a compelling case to cut interest rates amidst a favourable monsoon outlook, consumer price index (CPI) inflation in line with the RBI's projected path, the government's progressive reforms, fiscal consolidation and the need to nurture growth.
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The Huge Gap Between GDP And SDGs Must Converge

The world is moving on two tracks which are not converging. On one track are institutions concerned with a narrowly defined 'economy', and with GDP. On the other track are institutions concerned with what GDP does not measure--environmental sustainability, human dignity, livelihoods, and justice--the concerns of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The two worlds -- of GDP and SDGs -- must come together.
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If India Can't Champion Diversity, It Should Forget About Economic Growth

The principal questions foreign investors would ask me until recently were about the health of the Indian economy. Now another question is being asked too: what is happening to India's social fabric? Astute investors know that the condition of a country's society can have salient effects on its economic progress. The concern of Indian citizens is even deeper. For them, "development" does not have only an economic dimension. They fear that the tearing of the nation's social fabric is a price not worth paying for faster growth of GDP.