India Farmer Suicide

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The Return Of India Shining

On 16 May 2014, the stock markets caroused wildly, expecting an exhilarating acceleration on a glistening expressway as the harbingers of "acchhe din", the BJP and Narendra Modi, overwhelmed political adversaries. Two years later, the slippery Sensex has reached rock-bottom , even crashing below the much-maligned "dismal last two years of UPA".

What Farmers Really Need - And It Isn't 'Skilling' Or Relief Packages

Field stories from across semi-arid rural India, whether Rajasthan, Maharashtra or Andhra Pradesh, reflect a now-recurring narrative of an agrarian crisis. There is a growing desperation in rural India, and it is manifesting in various ways - from farmer suicides across drylands to violence in tribal-dominated lands and sporadic riots. These incidents are symptomatic of a deeper problem - one of shrinking work options and the undermining of existing farm-based livelihoods by erosive policies and rapid natural resource degradation.

The Dispensable Farmer

It is OK if farmers are at the mercy of moneylenders. We need BIFR packages for industry. Industrial growth is important. It is OK if a few children are forced into bonded labour to repay debts incurred by their dead parents.