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SEBASTIAN D'SOUZA via Getty Images

Our Democracy Needs Liberalism To Survive

#AadarshLiberal (or "ideal" liberal) has been one of India's most tweeted hashtags this past month. The title - a parody on Indian liberalism - claims that Indian liberals are unintelligent, unpatriotic, and, very specifically, anti-Hindu blokes who deserve nothing more than the worst expletives Twitter can dole out. It represents the tip of an iceberg of toxic conservatism and fanatical religious nationalism that threatens to plague the fragile nature of democracy not just in India, but in the world's largest continent as well.
Kavi Bhansali

Photoblog: The Colours Of Democracy

The purpose of this project is to capture not just prominent politicians or events but also the smaller details that are no less extraordinary. Such as a Modi lookalike who prays to him at a make-shift altar, an AAP supporting auto rickshaw driver with a 'Kejriwal muffler' or a poster by the Communist Ghadar Party where you might least expect it.