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Why Delhi Girls Are A Problem For Bombay's Number One Pickup Artist

Journalist Dave Besseling spent eight weeks following Sid Malhotra, self-styled Number One Pickup Artist in India, to tell his story in his new book, Laid in India. Once a nobody in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, Sid now claims to have the power to seduce any woman, 'anytime, anywhere'. As he goes from bar to bar spreading his charm, Besseling documents his adventures with a mix of fascination, irony and scathing wit.
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7 Types Of Men You Meet On Indian Tinder

Every third man on Tinder describes himself as "sapiosexual". About two out of every three thinks that it means preferring The Wire to Game of Thrones. The Sapiosexual likes to brag that it takes more than a pretty face to win him over, as if there were a million pretty women standing outside his door screaming "PICK ME! ME!" When he says he's attracted to intelligence, he means that he wants to date hot women with PhDs.