India Cricket World Cup 2015

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Diary: On The Road With Sudhir Gautam, India's Biggest Cricket Fan

The man takes a few steps, sees the empty seat next to me, and sits down. It is Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, also know as Sudhir Gautam, the most famous Indian cricket fan. Instantly recognisable if you've watched Indian cricket on TV for even a few days. Sudhir has devoted his life to Sachin Tendulkar, and images of him and the superstar with the 2011 ICC World Cup trophy have made their way into the fabric of Indian cricket history. His travels are famous. He has cycled over 12,000 miles to watch Tendulkar's India play; to Dhaka, Lahore, all over India.

Good To See It's Going The Way I Want: Dhawan

Dhawan spoke of those difficult times ahead of India's match against UAE at the WACA on Saturday (February 28). "I was staying calm," said Dhawan as he reflected on that period. "I was just staying calm and working hard, keeping my work ethics strong. Of course, it's always a learning thing. I enjoy the journey rather than the destination. So I was enjoying that phase of my life too, and I learned a lot.