India Communalism

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How India Became Communal And What We Must Do To Defeat It

I firmly believe and have repeatedly said that the vast majority of men and women are good by nature, as my great teacher Rousseau taught me. That is why I have repeatedly said, and I firmly believe, that over 99% Muslims, and 99% Pakistanis are good by nature -- just as over 99% Hindus and 99% Indians are good by nature. And yet the truth is that today most Hindus (though not all) are communal, hating Muslims, and most Muslims (though not all ) are also communal, hating Hindus.
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What It's Like To Be The 'Wrong' Kind Of Indian

In this "us and them" , we are "them" until we toe the line and shed every marker of our difference, leave every opinion that is contrary and become dumb spectators in this self-destructing circus. I am sorry, we can't and we won't accept this. This country belongs to the rest of us too and we will reclaim what is rightfully ours. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go eat a kulfi. Take that from a hijab-wearing, beef-eating, five-times-praying, Malayalam/Tamil/Hindi/English-speaking Muslim woman.