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Can Modi Ban Caste And Give us Manuvaad Se Azadi?

The Prime Minister wants to be a Man of Destiny, he wants to make the 21st century India's century. But to do that, he must and we must make some bold moves. Something radical, even audacious. Something that disrupts the very fabric of our DNA, tears it apart and then creates anew. So here's an idea--instead of perpetuating reservations, why don't we, as a society, just BAN caste?
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A New ‘Caste' System: Remodelling Reservations On The Basis Of Wealth

Logically speaking, in a capitalist society, there is no better and more convenient way of measuring the unfairness of the system than wealth. The bottleneck of this seemingly ideal solution is the implementation of it. Who is going to find out the wealth of each and every family? One way to get around all the many complexities is to classify people based on their current occupation. Ironically, an idea similar to the caste system.

Congratulations, You Are Not Casteist! Now What?

So, you are that unicorn. You are not only outraged at the current state of discrimination against Dalits, but are also willing to acknowledge your own privilege as an 'upper caste' individual. You are disgusted even at the idea of doing something blatantly discriminatory, like barring your 'lower caste' maid from cooking your food. But is that enough? No, not yet.

The Non-Dalit's Guide To Debating Meaningfully About Caste

Debates on caste, discrimination and privilege are playing out on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit and even Instagram. It's heartbreaking that a bright, young man -- Rohith Vemula -- had to commit suicide for us to pay heed to caste-based injustices, but still, this is a conversation that has been long overdue. So, if you are non-Dalit and are considering jumping into the deep end of these debates, hold on and read this first.

How To Kill A Dalit Research Scholar

In the vicious logic of caste hierarchy, the "Dalit research scholar" is an oxymoron, an unwelcome pollutant in the site of excellence that is the university. Rohith Vemula's letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad (UoH), shortly before his suicide, dubs this the "Dalit problem", offering a caustic "solution" for the "problem" in the shape of mercy killing for Dalit scholars.
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The Continuing Harassment Of Radhika Vemula Must Stop

Rohith Vemula left his body in protest against caste discrimination in Hyderabad Central University. While many in the country mourn the loss of the brilliant young man, the casteist state media is smelling blood and going after Rohith's family, in particular his mother Radhika. Here, I want to focus on the specific forms of violence that Radhika has endured and how that is reflective of the experience of Dalit women.
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What It's Like To Be The 'Wrong' Kind Of Indian

In this "us and them" , we are "them" until we toe the line and shed every marker of our difference, leave every opinion that is contrary and become dumb spectators in this self-destructing circus. I am sorry, we can't and we won't accept this. This country belongs to the rest of us too and we will reclaim what is rightfully ours. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go eat a kulfi. Take that from a hijab-wearing, beef-eating, five-times-praying, Malayalam/Tamil/Hindi/English-speaking Muslim woman.