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You Don’t Eat Beef? Are You A Hindu Extremist?

At a lecture in the American Islamic College of Chicago last winter, I met a young Pakistani American. When I told him that I am an Indian and a Hindu, he asked me what I felt about Hindus killing Muslims over the consumption of beef. I didn't know what to say. Maybe I felt exactly what Muslims feel every time people ask them questions about ISIS and Al Qaeda, about 9/11 or the recent Orlando shootings.

Here's The Unpalatable Truth About Beef And Hinduism

The present controversy around beef eating, accompanied by violent objection and equally aggressive support, is engineered by extremist politicians on both sides reacting to the change of ruling parties at the Centre. The fact is that India is a vast country with a great variety of castes and creeds. There is no Hindu "religion". Unlike the Semitic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam there is no one founder, sacred book and rules of conduct including procedure for conversion and excommunication applicable to Hindu society as a whole.
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Why Kalyani Beef Biryani Is A Favourite Of Many Hyderabadis, Muslim And Hindu

As a lover of Kalyani beef biryani, Hyderabad's less famous but much loved other biryani, I wonder what all the fuss about consuming the meat is about. I get it that the cow is like a maata for some Hindus and most will probably not eat beef. But that still leaves a substantial minority that do eat beef. And as I can testify from numerous outings to Kalyani biryani joints in Hyderabad, I've been allowed to consume this meat unmolested.