Social Media: Friend Or Foe?

Spiderman once famously said, "With great power comes great responsibility", and this holds true, aptly enough, for the web too. The power of the Internet and social media to break news as it unfolds is mind boggling. It's not just traditional news agencies that are actively leveraging social media to disseminate information - even common citizens are using such platforms to report and share news. However, for many, the responsibility that Spiderman spoke of has taken a backseat to the enticements of momentary fame.
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Can Big Tech Still Innovate?

In an era where unicorns are the flavour of the day and every business wants to be the "next Uber of its category", how can large technology firms, catering to a mass base of enterprise and consumers, claim the innovation mantle? And beyond that lies the larger question -- is the trade-off between growth and innovation always a losing one?
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Conversations Sans Frontiers

Today, via social media, you can find out what our government is doing to improve relations with the US, while learning about Farhan Akhtar's inspiration for his new film, and grieving along with the cricketing world for a young life cut short more than halfway across the world. All of this happens in real time.