In-Budget 2015

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Should Hold Govt Accountable For Budget Promises

Overall, Budget 2015 is wide in its scope and takes into account the interests of diverse sections of society - middle class, farmers, youth, aged and the disabled. It endorses a vision of India where there is a house for every family with24 hour power, potable water, and all accessible by road, and where at least one member of the family is employed. And all by 2023, when India celebrates its 75th year of Independence.

The Economic Survey Carries Big Hints About The Shape Of The Budget To Come

What India needs, it says, is to "follow a 'persistent, encompassing, and creative incrementalism' but with bold steps in a few areas that signal a decisive departure from the past". This could just be a hint that finance minister Arun Jaitley's first full budget could be somewhat like the Rail Budget that Suresh Prabhu presented--shorn of grand flourishes that could ignite opposition but a lot of much-needed measures that will put the economy on a sounder footing in the long run.
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Budget Should Simplify Forex Trading Rules

Indians are travelling abroad like never before, with the number of tourists expected to climb to 50 million by 2020. While the travel industry has kept pace with innovations like online-booking and e-tickets, an essential component of foreign travel which is forex is still governed by archaic laws framed in 1999 to regulate the sale & purchase of foreign currency notes in past times of scarcity. These need to be amended to simplify the process, improve convenience, and eliminate the black-market.