Will Paul Romer's Bold Ideas Save The Global Economy?

Many commentators are hopeful that Paul Romer will help usher in a new era for the global economy. Known for his work on the endogenous growth theory, he has demonstrated a deep interest in tackling poverty and inequality by giving more importance to investments in human capital, innovation, and knowledge. But, what thrills me most of all is his brilliant idea of “Charter Cities”.
JOHANNES EISELE via Getty Images

Can India And China Manage Their Bilateral Issues On A Multilateral Platform Like The AIIB?

As China looks for investment opportunities abroad, and India seeks funding for its infrastructure, the newly founded Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) creates a win-win proposition for both countries. With its disposable capital, China is likely to contribute $50 billion of the $100 billion of the AIIB thus placing it in a position to address the huge infrastructure needs of India and its neighbourhood. That said, a key question remains: how will India and China manage their bilateral issues on a multilateral platform like the AIIB?