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India Must Fight Identity Politics To Embrace True Nationalism

Politics in India wasn't always like this. Every Indian knows of the inspiring stories of sacrifice and selflessness which adorned India's noble struggle for freedom. Our freedom fighters did not define their nationalism on the lines of casteist, religious or linguistic identity. Rather, they strove to unite a difficultly diverse country into a single nation, defined on the lines of noble values and principles, such as liberty, equality, fraternity and justice. That was Indian nationalism.
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How Our Differences Can Unite Us – If We Let Them

What can you possibly learn from someone who speaks like you, whose world view is exactly like you? Whose voice is an echo of yours? Nothing. But someone who is different can challenge you and you can challenge that person and benefit from it. Multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism are the need of the day. We need differences. We need diversity. It is possible to have multiple belongings, rather than a single identity.