Idea Of India

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A Kashmiri’s Idea Of India Is Probably Nothing Like Yours

Kashmiri students have harrowing narratives which open before us that disturbing face of the idea of India, which unfortunately we have been assiduously trained to reject, disbelieve and dismiss as the handiwork of anti-India propaganda. For more than six decades, we have preferred to believe in this utopian idea of India that has come to us through the ever-inspiring national and communal unity slogans from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, and through the Bollywood masala films, which habitually juxtapose this innocent nation of ours with the enemy others…
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Why Hindutva Is As Ephemeral As Nehru's Idea Of India

The Hindutva 'Idea of India' seeks create a utopian society but as the drift of events in the country suggest (and more importantly as the history of socially engineered utopias indicate), this approach usually leads to a dystopian reality. The major contradiction of the idea is that the Hindu self -- both collective and individual -- is too fragmented and disparate to be united by an overarching idea. The Nehruvian Idea of India, on the other hand, is not only an import, but a flawed one.
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What The Biryani Says About ‘The Idea Of India'

"Say 'idea of India' one more time..." I challenged my friend angrily, pointing a fork towards him. My weapon still had crumbles of chicken stuck in its narrow tines. A moment ago it was deftly, with surgical precision, making its way through the meat in my delicious Thalassery biryani. He was as calm as rookie political intellectuals are expected (read pretend) to be. With a confident demeanour he declared, "Don't fret, even the biryani you are eating is an example of an 'idea of India' and its myriad expressions."