Human Nature

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This Narak Chaudas, Cut Loose Your Demons

Narak Chaudas, more widely known as Chhoti Diwali, is all about letting go of the negativities in your life. This year, instead of focusing only on material clutter, why not try to clear the emotional mess too? It might just lead to a happier Diwali. I recently had a liberating experience with getting rid of my much-loved, long-desired nearly waist-length tresses.
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Violence Is Man's Conditioning

Violence is inevitable for beasts, it is a responsibility for man. It is a fact for beasts, for man it is merely a historical memory. It is the present for beasts, it is past for man. We have the choice in front of us. Man can take a decision to be nonviolent; he can take a decision to be violent also. That is why when a certain person takes a decision to be violent, no beast can compete with him.