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Exclusive: Doctors And Hospitals Are Playing With Lives For Profit, Say Authors Of Medical Exposé

In their book Dissenting Diagnosis, doctors and activists Abhay Shukla and Arun Gadre give us a chilling inside account of widespread malpractices afflicting the healthcare industry. The nexus between corporate hospitals, pharma companies and doctors has increased the risks and costs of healthcare to such an extent that millions of middle -class Indians descend into poverty when they fall sick.
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British Raj and VVIP Raj: A Public Health Insight

While British colonialism was clearly not carried out with the agenda of 'welfare for the colonized', the current state of affairs in India (and even in Pakistan and Bangladesh) makes one wonder whether, as was often said during the 2011 anti-corruption movement, 1947 marked only a banal replacement of one set of repulsive administrators with another; and whether the behaviour specifically attributed to the 'cunning British' is just a characteristic of the general human race itself, later manifesting itself in Indian politicians.
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What We Can Do To Cure Our Medical Education System

India faces an urgent need to fix its basic health concerns in the areas of communicable diseases, maternal and infant mortality. In addition, the nation faces the burden of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The panacea could be a three-dimensional talent funneling process, resulting in the availability of an adequate resource pool for healthcare and, finally, better health for the nation's populace. Let me term this the A2S System.