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Why We Use 'Blind Hiring' In Our Talent Selection Process

In the reality TV show The Voice, the judges have their backs turned away from the singers, and a decision to send a contestant to the next stage of the competition is based on their vocal skills rather than their appearance. Similarly, blind hiring techniques seek to omit selection bias by removing information such as the applicant's name, educational qualifications, age or any such information that could evoke preconceived notions. Blind hiring places emphasis on the applicant's ability, skills and talent.
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Creating A Culture Of Confidentiality

Not long ago, I interviewed a candidate who wanted a job with us after having worked with a competitor. Nothing exceptional, right? Happens all the time. Well, this individual was carrying 50-odd candidate reports with him to help support his claim that his current employer was doing poor quality work. Imagine -- 50 confidential and highly personal reports being bandied about in such cavalier manner. (Needless to add I did not meet this candidate again.)
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How To Create The Perfect Start-Up Team

Her name was Ratna and she was full of energy, bubbly, cheerful and very friendly with children. Just the kind of person we were looking for to manage the first store of our new retail venture. Our hope, though, was short lived. And therein, lay the biggest challenge that we faced as a start-up company -- putting together a team full of passionate and committed people who are perfectly aligned with our vision and goals.

Which Organisation Are You - The Forest Or The Garden?

How should you approach the problem of culture in a company, especially a startup? Should you aim for a warm, friendly place that lives by "work hard, party harder", or should you become more process-oriented? The way companies operate versus the way they should is captured neatly in the comparison between a forest and a garden.