Amit Dave / Reuters

Why Dalits Can Rely Only On Themselves To End The Cycle Of Oppression

In the past few weeks, there have been few “newsworthy” incidents of violence against Dalits. But for those familiar with the systematic oppression of Dalits across the country, these instances might not be as “shocking” as they might seem to the consumers of mainstream media. What is different, though, is that these recent incidents have sparked outrage and started a new wave of protests across the country, especially in Gujarat.

The RSS Might Be Dropping A Lot More Than Its Chaddis - Including Hindutva

Amid the torrent of jokes that followed the RSS's uniform-change announcement on 13 March, few paid attention to what Suresh (Bhaiyyaji) Joshi said about the makeover. "We are not a rigid people, we keep changing with the times... No grassroots organisation can make progress without that." Early this January, I took a train from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh to Nagpur in Maharashtra where the RSS has its headquarters.