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The Congress Is India's Original Hindu Party, The Others Are Copycats

The Congress will never acknowledge it, nor will the BJP dare to expose it, but the only Indian party that has consistently stood up for the Hindus while appearing unswervingly secular is the INC. It is a model that will endure even if the Congress itself disappears. Any Indian political party aspiring for a national role has no choice but to adopt the "Congress way" of strong centralized control with loyal local satraps and a proven capacity to manage India's many diversities while assiduously nursing its Hindu core.

More ‘Iqbals' And Less ‘Fanaas': How Bollywood Can Take On Religious Intolerance

If mainstream Hindi movies increasingly portray Muslims as regular Indians leading a "routine Indian life", it would immensely help in overthrowing the stereotypes that some politicians, extremists and their ilk project. But the depiction of Muslim leads in most recent flicks which do have them -- Chak De India, New York, Haider, etc. -- is heavily focused on identity issues. While such head-on tackling of Muslim identity crises is necessary and welcome, it should also be liberally supplemented by the portrayal of Muslims as simply people rather than Muslim people.