A Call For A Dalit Revolution [ed]

Exchange occupations to topple caste structures in society. Let the religious institutions and other spaces of power be overtaken by those usually at the receiving end. Let the “humiliating” jobs be taken by the Brahmins and other allied castes. This experience will help drive in an understanding of the brunt of being in a caste Hindu society.
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Follow Religion, Abandon Religious Laws

Religious laws are centuries and even millennia old. They are out of sync with the social, technological and cultural advancements that have taken place over the ages. While certain moral and ethical dimensions may still be invaluable to society, the argument of treating archaic mores as infallible or as laws in the contemporary context does not hold water.
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A Hindu In China

"Am I a pureblood, Mama?" My Harry Potter-inspired preteen asked me recently. My daughter, growing up in China, has asked me versions of this question since she was six years old. "What am I, Mama? Am I a Hindu? Am I Chinese? Am I an Indian? Why do I write Baba's surname and not yours?" I grew up in India and the term "pureblood" has layers of implications attached.
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Why Hinduism And The Violence Of Caste Are Two Sides Of A Coin

California textbooks have become ground zero for an alliance of organizations led by right wingers such as the Hindu American Foundation who are working to erase caste (and its relevance to the slavery-like conditions suffered by caste-ed subjects) from the curriculums of California textbooks. The organization's goal seems to be to achieve in the US what has been difficult to do in India -- erase caste, diminish its violence and remove the assertion of Dalits.
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This Start-Up Is Using Technology To Give Traditional Hindu Last Rites To The Departed

Harendra Khoya, a senior accountant residing in the New York City, noticed with increasing disquiet the helplessness of grieving families in the US when they were unable to immerse the ashes of their loved ones immediately after the cremation. Planning a trip to India for the Asthi Visarjan (the practice of immersing mortal remains in holy waters) involved coordinating many variables; at times, the waiting period involved was more than one year. This delay placed an enormous amount of guilt on NRIs who were still fresh from grief...