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Indians Are Not Intolerant, They're Desperate

India's strong moral fabric often haemorrhages in the hands of opportunistic power mongers. The naiveties of its masses are preyed upon by the power-hungry, robbing them of opportunities to thrive and prosper. Bereft of choices and let down by their supposed caretakers, the disenchanted masses are bound to develop an affinity for anarchy in their struggle for survival.
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Beef And Beyond: The Toxic Narratives That Are Shaping The India Of Tomorrow

Hindu nationalism has unquestionably been on the rise since India's last elections in 2014, when the BJP was elected to power on a massive anti-incumbency wave. But while it is vital to be alert to any extremist Hindu elements, it is also simplistic to blame a single constituency for India's current communal problems. The truth is much more complex, and much more toxic. It encompasses illegal immigration, vote bank politics and social and economic pressures on indigenous populations.
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An Appeal to Modi: Don't Fiddle While India Burns

The Roman Emperor Nero was accused of fiddling while Rome burnt. Nero, whose rule is often associated with extravagance and tyranny, focused a lot of his energy on foreign diplomacy. He blamed Christians -- a minority community in Rome at the time -- for starting the great fire of 64AD, and presided over their wholesale torture and execution. The events of Nero's Rome are nearly two millennia old, but a lot of these misadventures resonate in modern day India.
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Chetan Bhagat And The Anatomy of A Bigot

I recently had the dubious pleasure of reading Chetan Bhagat's Times of India blog post on the "Anatomy of a liberal". The style of his piece is as frothy as ever, though sadly a little short on credible detail. The crux of Chetan Bhagat's argument, perhaps, is that India's liberal class is great at taking umbrage. There is much to take umbrage at right now. There is a rising feeling of intolerance -- towards dissent, towards resistance, and towards alternative belief systems -- a wave ably represented by Bhagat's article.
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The Great Indian Capitalist

It is important to understand that while Narendra Modi will arguably be the greatest Prime Minister of this decade, his government will be one of the worst. While Narendra Modi's vision will lead India to new realms of prosperity, his government's backwardness and conservatism will only pull his vision down into the mud.

The Agony Of Naturalized Citizens

The opposition--though toothless--is still managing to take big bites off the BJP agenda, as a few of the members of the governing BJP are die-hard fundamentalists, lacking the discerning wisdom required to rule. They are unable to think in the present and plan the future.