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5 Ways Of Reviving Engineering Education And Creating More Jobs For Engineers In India

The best year for engineers was the pass-out batch of 2006-07 (82% placed) exactly 10 years ago. This was the batch that got into colleges in 2003-2004. At that point, the number of seats offered for engineering was almost on par with aspirants looking for jobs. It was the year when the tech/software companies were flying high. As the engineering institutions tasted success, they started expanding.
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From Making Rotis To Finding Roomies: Essential Life Skills For Every US-Bound Student

You might have already cracked your GRE, secured admission and even bagged financial assistance of some sort. But life as a student in the US is more than just studies, grades and winning scholarships. Most of the students coming here, both for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, have not had the experience of independent living before. This not only poses a lot of challenges initially but also offers a number of learning opportunities.
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That Reserved Seat You 'Lost' May Never Have Been Yours

Recently, a viral Facebook post described how a general category student had written a Quora answer about a reserved category student who worked less, scored even lower, yet could get what the first guy could not, because of reservation. The post had nearly 10,000 likes. This flawed logic has often been used to criticize reservations. There is definitely a lot to criticize in the reservation policy and the related politics, but moaning over the seat that couldn't be yours is misguided. Here's a simple calculation...
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India University Rankings Serve Little Academic Purpose: C N R Rao

In the first week of April, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) released "India Rankings 2016", the first-ever effort by the government to rank and assess higher education institutions in the country. But what does this kind of a ranking mean to one of the nation's foremost scientists? For Bharat Ratna C N R Rao, the first-ever government ranking is not an antidote to the quality issues in higher education.
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Our Engineering Entrance Exams Are Doing A Serious Disservice To Students

The hype around engineering gives us aspirants who might have done wonders in other fields, but the exam system in its current format gives us aspirants who can become great engineers, except that they end up in the wrong stream. It does not make sense for a student to submit one application for the whole umbrella of engineering courses, when software engineering is as different from chemical engineering, as political science is from English literature.
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Why The Arts Are As Important As Science Or Math

What is the role of the arts in moulding a person? The question assumes great significance today in the backdrop of a culture - including in India -- in which arts are seen as unimportant, perhaps even a waste of time, as compared to 'strategic' subjects. This trend has raised the hackles of education experts across the world, who argue that arts can indeed contribute tremendously to the overall development of a student and should not be ignored at any cost.
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How Boosting R&D Intensity Could Speed Up India's Economic Growth

HRD Minister Smriti Irani should take bold initiatives to create a better university-based research ecosystem that can produce and retain exceptional researchers. For that, she needs to harness the power of promoting R&D in universities through multiple channels, which should include the active participation of the corporate world. The example of Korea underscores that focusing more on R&D intensity could accelerate the economic growth of the country.

Establishing An ‘Elite University' Could Make India A Science Superpower

The subject of an elite university for students of science arose in an energetic conversation I had with celebrated Indian theoretical physicist Thanu Padmanabhan. There must be a stream which is made available for a tiny fraction of elite students selected very rigorously on a nationwide basis, and they have to be mentored and trained right from day one. "If you can do that, you'll have Nobel Prize winners among them 30 years later," predicted Padmanabhan.
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24 Hours With A Haryana Research Scholar

Over dinner I asked him what his current work entailed, what his day-to-day schedule was like. He looked deeply into his plate of rice and dal, not saying anything. I felt that perhaps he hadn't understood my question. But then he spoke. "I do some chores here and there, sleep, go to the department for a bit." I looked at his face closely, trying to detect any irony, or humility, or aloofness (in A Beautiful Mind sense!). I didn't see anything.

Why UK'S New Healthcare Charge Is Unfair To International Students

Was the government trying to fill two needs with one deed when it passed a legislation introducing a health surcharge for non-EEA (European Economic Area) users? Until the first week of April, NHS services were free for all UK residents and non-UK residents alike. It is worth examining whether the introduction of this charge is reasonable considering the billions of pounds international students already contribute to the UK economy.