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How Tech Start-Ups Are Transforming The Treatment Of Chronic Health Issues

Chronic diseases are a huge and growing problem in India -- 20% of the adult population in the country has at least one potentially fatal chronic condition, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and/or hypertension. But there is a bigger tragedy hidden in plain sight -- the majority of mortalities associated with chronic conditions could have been avoided through better management.
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I Want My ‘Doctor Sahib' Back: Where's The Human Touch In Healthcare?

After an arduous billing process and a long wait, when we were graced with the GP's presence, my mother started speaking eagerly. But even before she had described her symptoms, the GP was already writing the new medication -- "I think you should change your BP medicine. Try this..." I couldn't stop myself. "But you haven't even measured her BP. You haven't used your stethoscope. You haven't even heard her history."