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Are You A Hacker Or A Cracker?

It's always awkward trying to tell your elders where you work. They may know a few big names in the tech industry, but mention a start-up and they'll often draw a blank. My grandmother asked me to repeat the name of my company three times over and then went off with a suspicious look on her face. A few hours later, my father was laughing hysterically, because my grandmother asked him, "Why is your son working for an unethical company?"

Now On Tap: Why You Shouldn't Leak Too Much To Google's Latest Feature

Google's latest offering to the world, Now on Tap, promises to be a game changer for smartphone users. A seemingly simple app that practically "reads" all that is there on your screen and provides more information based on the content. Hail contextual search! This feature works across apps, emails, texts or music platforms. While this may seem awesome for the regular smartphone user and almost orgasmic for a hard-core developer, it is a potential time bomb as far as data security and user privacy are concerned.
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What Makes a Hacker A Hero

As I sat in beautiful Goa a couple weeks ago, attending Nullcon, one of the largest congregations of ethical hackers and cyber geeks from around the world, I could see young Indian techies, executives and wannabe hackers milling about on the sea-facing lawns. I could not help but wonder what makes the hacker - and yes, even those with debatable online antics - transform into a compelling hero of our times.