Good Gurus Don't Make Money?

In my column "Without Contempt" in Business Standard, I wrote about the disconnect between the business regulatory framework in India and what businesses actually need for growth and success. I placed the thesis in the context of the resounding commercial success of empires of gurus. Now, the subject of gurus presiding over wealthy empires is a prickly and sensitive subject. That commercial success is itself seen as stigmatizing in India, is borne out by some of the tweets that my column attracted from devotees of gurus...
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Why The Dera Can't Take A Joke

Many are confounded by the blind devotion to a "religious" figure -- especially one who has serious criminal charges levelled against him. Why did they have to arrest the comedian? Where does it all end? Putting aside for the moment the dark possibility that the whole sordid episode was a calculated and carefully calibrated threat sent out to the country by the opponents of free speech, perhaps we should ask why followers of a (quasi) religious movement found it so hard to take a joke on their leader.
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MSG: Messenger Of God Is An Entertaining National Embarrassment

Every scene follows the exact same pattern: Some conflict occurs → Guruji enters dramatically in laughably blingy costume complete with tacky headgear → Guruji solves conflict through words/violence/magic (seriously)→ People causing conflict realise Guruji is da man and start chanting 'Dhan dhan satguru tera hi aasra' (an actual DSS chant) → Guruji smiles beatifically, unwittingly looking like a man who has just smoked some of the best weed of his life.