Gun Control

US President Donald Trump speaks during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (not pictured) at Akasaka Palace in Tokyo on November 6, 2017.President Donald Trump lashed out at the US trade relationship with Japan, saying it was 'not fair and open', as he prepared for formal talks with his Japanese counterpart. / AFP PHOTO / POOL / Kiyoshi Ota (Photo credit should read KIYOSHI OTA/AFP/Getty Images)

Trump Says Deadly Texas Shooting Isn't A Guns Issue, It's A Mental Health Problem

President Donald Trump responded to the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history by saying the attack was a result of "a mental health problem" and not due to lax gun control laws. During a news confe...
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Orlando And The Unmentionability Trap

For the conservatives, it was a confusing situation. Someone from a religion they hate killed a group of people they hate. Now they can't show sympathy towards the killer because he's a Muslim. They can't show sympathy towards the victims because they were LGBTQ+. So they ignored the LGBTQ+ side of the victims. For the liberals too, it was confusing and difficult. They can't blame the Muslims because it'll lead to more Islamophobia... So they blamed the guns and homophobia, ignoring the fact that a religious ideology is also responsible.

Waiting For The Next San Bernardino

I believe that it's pointless to blame race or religion for mass shootings. Guns are an equaliser, they all use them. It's simple: if there were stricter gun control laws, there would be fewer mass shootings. Meanwhile, and my heart sinks as I say this, we are not safe in America. All we can do is hope that the next shooting, and there's no doubt that it will happen, won't strike too close to home.
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The Childcare Revolution That Changes Everything

The usual game of bribery, via punishment and reward, is unnecessary and counterproductive. Kids are already motivated by life itself, motivated to live their own lives, but not necessarily to live the lives that adults want them to live! Naturally they rebel and parenting turns into a war zone. Of course, they will need our help in distinguishing between a dangerous hot plate and a harmless cold plate. But rather than seeing the issue as only of them learning from us, caregivers are realizing that this learning process is a two-way street.
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It's The Conditioning That Kills, Stupid!

Look at the painful debate provoked by the latest college killings in Oregon. One side keeps repeating that guns have to be controlled because guns kill. The other side keeps repeating that guns don't kill, people do. People keep dying and the divide between the two points of view is never resolved. Each side is both right and wrong: of course guns kill only with the help of people -- people conditioned, from childhood, to use guns to kill. It is the conditioning that is the killer.