Growing Up

Good Times Bad Times: Remembering ‘Bonzo', The Man Who Gave Me Rock N' Roll

He rarely left his room, drinking throughout the night. Yet he would be cold sober and sharp during the day, reading relentlessly and listening to Led Zeppelin on his gramophone. He would smile and say that he would leave his books to me. I cherish the beautiful ramblings of his poetry and prose he scribbled on loose sheets of paper, now yellowed and frayed, but the fountain pen ink, surprisingly, still not faded. As if his blood still flows brightly and restlessly in the words.

30 Things That Show You're A Woman In Her 30s

The other day, as I took stock of my preferences and peeves, I ended up jotting this list of 30 things that to me indicated that I had truly arrived, mentally and physically, into my 30s. Have you too? Use this checklist to find out!
The Guysexual

Dating In The Gay World: The Intern

He's wearing something you would see on a model at a fashion show. Suspenders and a broach over a crisp button-down navy blue shirt. Paired well with refined wing cap brogues, a shade of dark chestnut, with tan shoelaces- wait, is he wearing a bow tie? Yes. He's wearing a bow tie. What do gay men do best? They accessorize. But it's not caricaturish, like how it is in the movies or Armistead Maupin novels.
Lance McCord/Flickr

The Dhobi's Son

He was the son of the police barrack's dhobi , a couple of years older than me and my best buddy. Why? Because he treated me at par with the guys and called me "choto babu" (i.e. "Little Master", if literally translated from Oriya) and not "choto didi", as girls are normally addressed, mind you!