Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Institutional Investors Can Help India Meet Its Climate Action Pledge

Earlier this month, India announced its pledge for action on climate change beyond 2020, ahead of the United Nations summit on climate change negotiations this December in Paris. Laudable though it is, India's pledge, called an INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution), is also very ambitious and achieving it is going to require mobilising a lot more financing, at more attractive terms. There are several avenues the government could explore for a more cost-effective and realistic pathway to the INDC.
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Modi And Obama: Stop Ignoring The Cow In The Room

A recent Oxford University study suggests that people who eat meat are responsible for almost twice as many dietary greenhouse-gas emissions per day as vegetarians and about two-and-a-half times as many emissions as vegans (people who avoid all animal products). In fact, the study found that people who eat more than 3.5 ounces of meat per day--about the size of a deck of playing cards--generate 15.8 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) each day, while vegetarians and vegans generate 8.4 pounds and 6.4 pounds of CO2e, respectively.