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Bihar's Health System Is Only Making People Sicker

In one of the most backward blocks of Western Champaran, there's a certain Primary Health Centre (PHC) that highlights all that is wrong with the health sector in Bihar and in many ways, all over India. This particular PHC has two buildings -- one is newly constructed with a greater capacity for beds and better infrastructure, while the other is dilapidated and crumbling due to years of neglect. Sadly, the PHC still functions in the old building while the new one remains unused.
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Ira Singhal And The Disabilities Of The Government, Society

The disabled have been marginalised since time immemorial. This is the most dangerous form of oppression as a whole category of people are removed from useful social and economic participation. They are seen as dependents which deprives them of their right to autonomy and freedom to make choices. However, more than them it is the Indian government as well as society who "suffer" from the disability of thought, sensitivity, sensibility and vision.