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This New Year, Forget The Kilos And Focus On Shedding This Extra Baggage

While the goal-setting mindset is a great way to approach the New Year, our only hope is that everyone has moved on from "must lose 5 kilos" as the first (or only) resolution. For starters, there's no crash diet that will help you keep the weight off as definitively as regular exercise and a consistently healthy diet. Secondly, there's much heavier excess baggage we can rid ourselves of in 2016.
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Julian Opie Brings A French Winter To Goa: Art Review

With Julian Opie's suite of landscape prints from 2012 titled "Winter", on display at the Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts in Panjim until 28 October, Goa has the opportunity to view the work of a contemporary master. Opie's installation reminds us of humankind's constant and consistent need to plot and map our footprint or location, and acquire a position of perspective -- visual, aural, existential. In the contemporary context, satellite imagery and Google mapping becomes a tool that Opie readily employs.

Modi, Obama and Healthcare: A Tale of Two Leaders

India performs poorly on healthcare, ranking even below Bangladesh and Nepal with public spending on health amongst the lowest in the world. "BJP accords high priority to health sector, which is crucial for securing the economy" stated the manifesto for the 2014 general elections. However, instead of increasing spending on healthcare, the government slashed nearly 20% (or 948 million dollars) from the 2014-2015 healthcare budget.