Global Motherhood

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Mom, Are You Feelin' Groovy?

What if we don't get trapped in hollow buzzwords like "me time" that offer respite similar to Leisure Hour for prisoners? Instead let all hours be ours, so that we get to decide how we loan them out to others -- to our family, friends, co-workers. What if we stopped the running roster of things-others-need-to-do alongside our own list of things-to-do and what if we learned to keep the lists separate?
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The Bedtime Trap

As you enter the bedroom, you turn the big light off and turn on the night lamp -- only to be impaled by a shrill scream of protest. The kid knows what you are up to and the kid won't take it lying down. You use your calming voice but you can barely hear yourself. So you use your calming voice a little more loudly. Your adversary smells weakness and ups the pitch of protest. You turn to the one weapon that only you have -- superior physical strength.

On Pressing Reset And Letting Go

I was appalled. I thought I had hacked my way out of the maze of regressive beliefs, wielding my many degrees like machetes. It took just one moment of insecurity to undo all the hours spent in Women's Studies Circles and a lifetime with my feminist tribe.