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Modi Govt Has Made Strides In Achieving Balanced Growth, But Challenges Remain

It is with a "balanced growth" lens of ensuring "sustainable economic development" that I prefer to look at Modi's two years in office. Many of the Prime Minister's schemes and missions have collectively set the right tone from a balanced growth perspective, including, among others, the 175 GW solar mission, the Swachh Bharat Campaign, the GiveItUp LPG Scheme, Jan Dhan, and Aadhaar. However, all great plans must be executed, which requires a fully functioning Parliament...

Why Technology and Thought Leadership Are Inextricably Linked

Digital transformation, the Internet of Things and other innovations will further revolutionize human surroundings. Meanwhile, thought leaders will help society prepare itself for -- and respond to -- the digital transformation.They will also help market leaders mould their research and development to make people-friendly products and services.
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Writing The Rules Of The Global Economy: The Tussle Between The US And China

For some years now, I have been reviewing the rise of China and India as potential lead players in the global economy by 2050. In 2011, I had predicted in a joint study that by 2030, China would overtake the US as the lead global economic super-power. This would result in growing competition between the US and China over which among them would write the rules of the global economy. Today, just five years later, that battle has begun...

Why APEC Needs India

Without the region's third largest and now fastest growing major economy, APEC economies will struggle to capitalize on one of the most promising markets and growth drivers in the wider Asia-Pacific. APEC would not only remain incomplete but also unable to reinvent itself once the recently completed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement becomes a reality.