Gender Roles

Gawrav Sinha

It Doesn’t Take Motherhood To ‘Complete’ A Woman

Women are constantly told that motherhood should “complete” them. Those women who do not agree with this idea are seen as heartless and cold. If you as a woman feel that motherhood does complete you, then I respect that and stand behind you. But no one else has a right to tell anyone that birthing a child is what will complete them.
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Does Being A Gay Man Explain My Feminism?

Every time I have a heated debate with a self-proclaimed male chauvinist friend about feminism, equality and gender roles, I think to myself, why do I care? I could say it's because I am the son of a working woman, who raised me to believe what I have between my legs isn't gonna give me any special privileges at home or because I'm the brother of an ambitious woman who doesn't conform to typical gender roles. Or, maybe because I'm just that awesome! But am I?
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Empowering Indian Dads To End Gender Inequality At Home

To advance as a society, the way we perceive fatherhood has to change. More importantly, men and boys must be empowered with the agency to participate at home without judgment. Across the world, 79 countries have taken basic measures to implement paternity leave policies, but the involvement of fathers in caregiving is still not perceived as valuable. It's not just patriarchal societal norms that limit men, it is an entire system that leaves them out in key policies that involve caregiving.

Women And Ambition: It's Time We Let The Twain Meet

Our society does not really nurture ambitious women. They are depicted in movies as selfish and quite possibly evil, neglecting home and hearth for personal gain. At work too, they may be written off for challenging roles after marriage because of their family responsibilities. There are many such stereotypes that prevent a woman from reaching out and achieving her full professional potential. I have been there too.

Modi And The ‘Othering' Of Women

Modi's entire speech at the recent launch of three gold schemes was ridden with inherent gender biases and that's a shame. You don't expect casual banter from the nation's Prime Minister, you don't expect gendered language. But being conscious about using respectful language towards women is not on the priority list for Modi.
Ashwani Sharma

Reviving the Yogini: Shakti in Bleeding, Birthing, Breastfeeding

Ancient tantrik texts mention that a yogini's power stems from her body, her femininity. She feels her power, or Shakti as it's called in tantrism, through her menstrual cycle, her fertility, her sexuality, her experience of childbirth and breastfeeding - experiences and paths to power that are completely shut to the male world. Unlike her, the only option her male counterpart has is to use kriya yoga (or physical poses) to awaken his chakras.