Gender Discrimination

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It's Unconstitutional To Deny Women Access To Places Of Worship

Women are constantly fighting a battle for equality. In India, they are also currently fighting to be treated as equals in the eyes of their gods. Indian feminism has always been a rather unique debate, owing to various ethnic influences that are characteristic of the cultural minefield that India is. However, this debate encompasses not only feminism, but religious practices and their conflict with constitutional law.
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Repeat After Me: V-A-G-I-N-A

I believe that the vagina, and discussion of it, has been repressed and penalized for far too long. I remember a boy called me a "vagina" at primary school, so I went home to ask my family what it meant. Nobody educated me on the fact that this was a sexist remark but instead I was silenced for uttering a taboo word.

Campus Rape: Sexism Is The Biggest Problem, Not Security

Universities need to take the lead in changing attitudes about women. And this starts with treating women who demand change not as "frightening", "intimidating" or lacking maternal qualities, but as dedicated, passionate and committed to ensuring that higher education is an affirmative experience for all students, rather than a terrifying experience for even one.