Alberto Ruggieri

Bare Breasts, Mini Skirts And Indian Values

Several bizarre stories pertaining to women have been making the headlines lately. The Haji Ali Dargah Trust while presenting its case in the Bombay High Court to retain the ban on women entering the sanctum sanctorum justified their stance by stating that "women wearing blouses with wide necks bend on the mazaar thus showing their breasts.” In another story, India's Culture Minister reportedly advised foreign women to not wear short skirts or go out alone at night.
Gawrav Sinha

It Doesn’t Take Motherhood To ‘Complete’ A Woman

Women are constantly told that motherhood should “complete” them. Those women who do not agree with this idea are seen as heartless and cold. If you as a woman feel that motherhood does complete you, then I respect that and stand behind you. But no one else has a right to tell anyone that birthing a child is what will complete them.
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To Suggest Women Should Calibrate Ambition Is Sexist And Defeatist

I think men and women are different but I also believe that they both equally human and should be allowed the freedom to make their own choices and live their own paths without being encumbered by what society expects from them. As a feminist, I don't think men and women are the same but I do think they are equal as human beings and should be afforded the same chances and opportunities that equality offers.