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The Guysexual

A Tale Of First Dates, Part Three: The Performance Artist

We smile at each other, while our feet are engaged in a deep conversation under the table. I look at him closely as he bites into his slice of pizza. He's everything I could want. He's an architect, he's an old friend, he likes his beer, and most importantly, he likes me. Is he steps away from being the human rendition of Taylor Swift's highly dubious 'You Belong With Me'?
The Guysexual

A Tale Of First Dates, Part Two: The Entertainment Journalist

It's a quarter past five, and two weeks of speed-texting and one muffled phone call later, here we are. His eyes are piercing grey, his cheekbones high and hollow, like the insides of a psychopath's heart. He's not unattractive to look at, him with his close cropped hair and his arched eyebrows, and on a good day, I can sulk in the dark recesses of my mind and write a haiku about him.

My Friend's Secret

RG was the most handsome guy in my German class. He was well dressed, intelligent and full of warmth and humour. He had finished his MBA and was working with a bank. RG was learning German because he wanted to move to Germany; he considered it the financial place to be! He wanted to taste all kinds of beers at an Oktoberfest, own a swanky Mercedes (he was Punjabi) and speed down the autobahn. He was the kind of guy you wanted as a boyfriend, and then a husband.
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Society Told Me Who I Was, So I Lived A Lie

When I wrote the song "Head Held High", I had no idea that the script was not just a story that many gay men could relate to, but that it was a path that my life had taken. Yes, as the verses in the song spelt out, even I was confused, frustrated and lost at one stage. Later, I realised who I was and grew in confidence and that led to joy, happiness and the desire to love myself and share the love I could with others.