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Profile Vs. Performance: Raghuram Rajan, Gajendra Chauhan And 3 Military Generals

No doubt, Rajan did a great job but many of our earlier RBI governors were no puppets. They may have had a much lower public profile than Rajan, who had rock-star status. But, they didn't simply toe the government line always. Again, my assessment is that Rajan did great but it is also true that his profile was much larger than his work -- in direct contrast to earlier RBI governors.
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‘What's Wrong Happening Bhai?': Anupam Kher's Saffron Blinkers

On 3 November, Anupam Kher appeared on a popular (and noisy) prime time show on the "Tolerance Tussle" vis-à-vis what is being termed as the "Award Wapsi" movement. On the show, Kher duelled with Shobhaa De and repeated one question with emphatic innocence: "What's wrong happening bhai?" This reflects the height of hypocrisy as well as sheer disrespect for the intelligence of millions of serious-minded Indians who are feeling genuinely concerned about the increasing frequency of "state-connived hooliganism" and the crass indifference of those in power.