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The Financial Nightmare Of Divorce

There's been a recent blitzkrieg of publicity around the Kapoor vs. Kapur case, which earlier had 'new' financial demands cropping up faster than you could say 'divorce granted'. Matters of the heart aside, divorce can be a financial nightmare. Women tend to tighten their financial seatbelt to keep themselves afloat, while men run to hide their bank statements and holdings deep in a desert or high up in the snow-capped mountains where you'd need the 'Revenant' to unearth the truth.
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Understand Your Money Better With This Easy Tool

first came across the idea of a money biography when I enrolled in a financial wellness program in Bangalore. I wasn't really sure if I was suitable for such a program - I was a mom who had been out of work for almost four years, with no steady income of my own and no savings whatsoever. As it turned out, there is no 'right' type of person for such a workshop, and I learned a lot. An exercise called a money biography was particularly revealing, because it mirrors our unconscious money habits by helping us identify influencing factors known as money scripts, career messages, and role models.
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8 Things Matchmakers Don't Tell You

I think in a real-life scenario, marriage means a survival of two individuals in extreme conditions such as commitment, addiction, egotism, midlife crisis, children, finances and sex to name a few. The matchmakers, janam-kundlis, solah-singar, wedding vows and bade-buzurgon ka ashirwad do not guarantee a successful relationship. My whole purpose is to encourage couples-to-be to think long and hard before tying the knot. So, here's an eight-point rationale before you take the divine yet deadly saat phere.