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Budget 2016: A Compelling Narrative Of Political Astuteness And Long-Term Thinking

While most analysts may not have seen much to cheer at, when the individual pieces are taken together Budget 2016 tells a compelling story. With the limited options available to it, given upcoming state elections and pressure from the Opposition, the NDA government has presented a very solid, pragmatic, and far-sighted Budget, and not a series of ad-hoc and knee jerk reactions to pressures and temptation, as has often been the case.

Why India's Demand For UN Tax Committee Holds The Key To Funding The Paris Deal

Achieving the goal of the Paris Agreement will require a major shift away from the fossil fuel-based economies of today to a more sustainable and green economy. Such a transition, needless to say, will be enormously expensive. The main source of financing will be public funds, essentially raised through taxation by the government. It is here that an ongoing reform effort at the United Nations must be brought into the picture -- the campaign for an intergovernmental tax committee.

How To Get The Best Leverage On Your Investment

The key to utilizing leverage responsibly is in actuality quite simple: never utilize leverage if it's not required. Many mistakenly look at leverage as a way to "purchase" an asset at a discount; in actuality, you're shooting yourself in the foot if you have the funds to purchase the asset but instead decide to utilize leverage. The reason has to do with the fact that with leverage, the chances of your trade to go against you and force your broker to issue a margin call goes up.