Film Noir

Lady in the Lake poster

Dial N for Noir

There were a few common characteristics in the early noir films: a number of them showed the streets of America in a different light (literally!), had a male lead with a cynical, devil-may-care attitude, a femme fatale, forbidden love and an underlying theme of crime and suspense. Darkly lit alleys, sparsely populated rain-soaked streets and stylish hats were common visual elements.
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Living With A Tiny FBI Agent

There was a chink in my answer and the agent has caught on. Half an hour later as I sit down to eat breakfast, the agent is at my elbow again to cross-examine me. A set of eyes watch me very closely to see if I'd falter. I chew slowly--a delaying tactic. The agent is no little fool and repeats the question. I sense an edge to the voice. In sheer panic I attempt a different answer. Big mistake. Now there are two incorrect answers. And the day has just begun.