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5 Stay-At-Home Dads Share Their Ultimate Go-To Recipes

There are so many things that are worth celebrating fathers for -- trips to the VHS lending library to rent out Jurassic Park (for the twelfth time), lighting sparkler after sparkler for the kids on Eid, being ecstatic even though you only placed fifth in the school race. Those little things that are actually big things. For Fathers' Day this week, we spoke to five stay-at-home dads about one such big little thing that we believe is especially worth celebrating -- cooking for their children. Here's what we uncovered.
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Empowering Indian Dads To End Gender Inequality At Home

To advance as a society, the way we perceive fatherhood has to change. More importantly, men and boys must be empowered with the agency to participate at home without judgment. Across the world, 79 countries have taken basic measures to implement paternity leave policies, but the involvement of fathers in caregiving is still not perceived as valuable. It's not just patriarchal societal norms that limit men, it is an entire system that leaves them out in key policies that involve caregiving.
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The 5 Stages Of Pregnancy And Birth -- For A Father

Great, you're expecting! This has to be amazing news. Both of you are excited beyond words, and suddenly everywhere you turn, you can't help but notice expectant couples. You personally want to shout out the news from the top of a very high building, but you do somehow keep the news to only immediate family/friends. You dote on your partner and are available at her beck and call. Her tiniest ooh, her smallest aah has you in a flurry of concern.
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Busted: 5 Myths About Stay-At-Home Dads

It is drummed into our heads that the man must be the primary breadwinner of the family and the woman the primary caregiver. We seem to be unwilling to accept the fact that times are changing and that most fathers are happy to do whatever it is they need to do to ensure the proper functioning of the family. Ever since I joined the club, I've noticed that my species has to contend with certain stereotypes. Today, I'd just like to bust a few of those.
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My Father, The Unwitting Feminist

My father's defining characteristic is a calm and logical approach to life, where there is little use for prejudices and biases because those are simply erroneous ways of making decisions. I think this philosophy is what makes him and me unabashed feminists -- we simply believe that fairness and equality are good, and that decisions made based on data and logic trump those based on relationships and biases.
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Let Me Tell You How 'It' Feels

When I became a father, a few male friends asked me a question. A question, I must confess, I just hadn't thought about. That question was: "How does it feel?" The first time I was asked this question, I was rather perplexed. Was my friend referring to the timely procreative act that had successfully borne fruit? Or the nearly out-of-body experience of helping hand-deliver my little one?