Fat Shaming

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Did We Violate Instagram Guidelines By Being 'Too Fat' To Wear A Swimsuit?

When I checked into Instagram, a screen popped up informing me that a post of mine was removed due to violation of community guidelines. I was really confused -- what could I have possibly posted that violated the guidelines? When I took a gander at my images, my heart sank. This was not some pornographic image, it was not filled with gore or violence, it did not do anything other than show three smiling fat chicks in swimwear that can hardly be termed as "lewd".
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Fat Shaming Is Bad, So Is Obesity OK?

"Fardeen Khan gives a fitting response to the trolls who fat-shamed him"..."Amy Schumer has the perfect comeback for the jerk who fat-shamed her"... These are the types of headlines we see every single day. If you happen to read the comments on these posts, you will see that they are, predictably, heavily divided. On the one side, we have the "you do you!" supporters and on the other side, we have the extremely concerned "fat is bad" folks.
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'You Don't Have To Disappear To Prove You Were There': Celebrating The 'F' Word

Too many women I know today measure their self-worth by the space between their thighs. "Oh I want to be thin... I need a man, yaar." I don't really think this is about men. It's about other women. What follows is depression, diets and banal discussion. Some work out, some just suck it out. But either way, the thighs start to get thin, so the dresses get shorter. And the lady thinks she is "in".