Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati

From Prayer To Action At The Parliament Of Religions

In 1893, Swami Vivekananda travelled from India to Chicago by boat to take part in the Parliament of Religions. His opening line, "Sisters and Brothers of America", continues to echo throughout the world. Today, 122 years later, the Parliament of Religions that just concluded in Salt Lake City focused on a shift from prayer to action. Rather than exhorting audiences only to live together peacefully, the leaders at this Parliament emphasised in myriad languages, myriad contexts and myriad themes that we must act and serve for each other.
Brigida Brito via Getty Images

Shopping For Spirituality

Recently a shrink friend of mine forwarded me a message revealing the top 10 most successful "gurus" in India. They were ranked based on their number of followers and their net worth. Spirituality has become big business where we get to pick and choose our leaders. Besides, unlike trying to get into a college, there is no stress in applying for a programme - you can be pretty sure you'll get admission. Perhaps that is what makes shopping for spirituality so mentally satisfying.

Find Your Faith To Face The World

To move towards growth in life, we require faith in three things -- in oneself, in the goodness in society and in God. However, looking at the recent earthquake in Nepal where so many innocent lives were lost, one wonders if God exists. If He does, why would He do such things? It is on these occasions that faith becomes fragile and one tends to lose it. However, it is also on these occasions that faith is most needed too.