‘I Lived Through Nepal's Deadliest Nightmare, In Broad Daylight'

It will soon be a year since deadly earthquakes shattered the usually tranquil and spiritual land of Nepal. It not only took thousands of lives, but reduced the architectural and cultural heritage of the country to rubble. Only the people who lived this dreadful incident know how traumatic it was. Here is one such chilling story of a woman from Nepal who experienced the earth's fury and survived to tell the tale.
Priya Pathiyan

India Meets Injera: An Ethiopian Experience In Mumbai

Ananya explains how it's traditionally eaten together from one large plate, much like a Bohri thaal. She's made it easier for us to break bread with near strangers though, by serving it up in individual portions. The mainstay is the Injera, an Ethiopian sourdough crepe with a delicate, spongy texture. On this are heaped all the other dishes.

Don't Mess With The Metro-wali Aunty

If she's in a genial mood, she might even try to engage with you. She'll ask you if you are married, how much you and your husband earn, the number of bedrooms your apartment has. Once you surrender to her entreaties of how much your purse cost, she'll inform you with a smug smile that you could have bought it at a much cheaper price in her neighbourhood market.