Fire Saved Our Ancestors. Today We Need Ice

Around 900,000 years ago, fire was first brought into our homes. This coincided with a peak in glacial activity, and probably helped the genus Homo to survive. This was the period of Homo Erectus, who went on to evolve into us. But today, more than ever, we need to harness the power of ice, of cold.

An Evolutionary Analysis Of Self-Drive Cars And Automated Trading Technologies

The reason I've picked these two critical technologies is because of their unprecedented potential in impacting our future - in mobility and economic activities through markets respectively. However, there's a big difference in these two technologies in terms of regulatory controls. Self-driving cars may have to go through multi-stage regulatory clearance process, whereas ATS has already made large inroads and regulators are now struggling on how to control its potential misuse (though defining this misuse is a challenge in itself).