The Daily Mail Expose On Temple Elephants Is Shocking, And Wrong

As a Keralite, and a Hindu who has visited the temple on a few occasions, my reaction to this article would be bewildered amusement.But as a journalist and editor, my reaction is far more visceral. I have many problems with this piece - beginning with the fictions, the distortions and the exaggerations. Only some of them are cataloged above; all of them are examples of journalism so shockingly inept that they can be disproved given a functioning internet connection and a few minutes of time.
Section Ranger Gary Bawden HSUS

How New Method Of Contraception Could Prevent Human-Elephant Conflict

Human-elephant conflict may only be mitigated through population management. In India, elephant populations are managed through translocation and capture of wild elephants for captivity. While some translocated elephants return to the site of conflict, others may cause trouble in their new locations. Capturing elephants for captivity is a contentious issue as it may involve cruel methods like confinement, starvation and the use of brutal force. In South Africa, a novel approach called immunocontraception has been successfully used to manage populations of wild elephants.
Andrea Booher via Getty Images

The Elephant In The Room: What Online Attacks On Pamela Anderson Say About Us

Concerned about the plight of the elephants who were ultimately used at Kerala's recent Thrissur Pooram event, animal-protection advocate and actor Pamela Anderson sent a respectful letter to the Chief Minister of Kerala to contribute the cost of providing life-size, realistic and portable elephants made of bamboo and papier-mâché to replace real ones in the event. While Anderson's heartfelt offer was met with support by some people, others took to social media to post sexually explicit insults and personal attacks.