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Save Me Technology, For I Have (Energy) Sinned

Unfortunately, in recent times the emphasis has shifted from reducing the demand of power in India through efficiency to increasing its supply. Except for limited exceptions, numerous studies have shown that people worldwide are under-investing in energy efficient products. While some of this may be due to lack of awareness, much of the problem stems from misaligned incentives -- for utilities, selling more "product" (electricity) is their measure of success (and profits).
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'So Many Villages Have Been Electrified'. Here Is the Problem With Saying That

According to the Ministry of Power, "A village will be deemed to be electrified if electricity is used in the inhabited locality within the revenue boundary of the village for any purpose whatsoever." In essence, an electrified village doesn't mean that all the people living in it are able to use that electricity. That is like saying that everybody must be well fed in a town just because there's a shop that sells food.
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How We Can Energise India's Power Sector

For a long time now, the power system in India has been experiencing extreme challenges in bridging the demand and supply gap. The gap has been increasing due to challenges in availability of good-quality coal -- close to 60% of 240GW installed capacity of the country's power is met by this fuel. Meanwhile, concern for the environment in the context of global warming has taken a front seat and the pressure on power project developers with delayed environmental clearances has drastically delayed projects.