Elections 2016

Donald Trump And Arvind Kejriwal Are More Alike Than You Think

The expression "balls of steel" is common enough, but it rarely pops up during presidential campaigns. That is, until Donald Trump entered the race. Whether all the Republicans like it or not, it's pretty certain that Trump is the GOP nominee. His ascent holds some serious lessons for each and every one of us in the corporate world, but first I'd like to draw a parallel between him and our very own Arvind Kejriwal.

No, America's Presidential System Is Not Doomed

Lately, the detractors of the American system have been out in full force. Last month, as soon as the Republicans took a stand on the Supreme Court appointment, a leading liberal magazine published an article titled 'Is America's Presidential System Doomed?' However, I believe that far from being doomed, America's presidential form of government is the secret to her success.