Education Reform

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The Faults In Our Teachers: Is There A Remedy?

One of the most belittling comments about teachers, unfortunately with more than an iota of truth in it, was made by famous Irish polemicist George Bernard Shaw. To paraphrase: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.” In India, where education, from the primary to higher levels, is in shambles, with minuscule islands of excellence, a lot of people find great truth in Shaw's words. Yet, however criminal it may be for a teacher to be absent, vengeful, incompetent and callous, the buck actually does not stop at him or her alone.
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Our Engineering Entrance Exams Are Doing A Serious Disservice To Students

The hype around engineering gives us aspirants who might have done wonders in other fields, but the exam system in its current format gives us aspirants who can become great engineers, except that they end up in the wrong stream. It does not make sense for a student to submit one application for the whole umbrella of engineering courses, when software engineering is as different from chemical engineering, as political science is from English literature.
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Why We Must Invest In Education For A Sustainable Society

A sustainable society stands on four pillars -- people, planet, prosperity and peace. Education is the seal that binds these pillars individually and jointly. Sadly, today less than 4% of global aid goes for education. We need US$22 billion to send every child to school. This equals 4.5 days of annual military expenditure. Do we need soldiers more than teachers, armies more than educated citizens?